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Vernon Matheson

 your dial frequency does not fall in the RX window for have to add 1500 or so hz to account for the wspr TX offset for receive.
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Wow, thanks for all the replies, people! First, let me give my relevant settings from the config menu, then I'll go through the troubleshooting suggestions.

"mode" setting: mode 0, relay 0, the freq is set to "007,038,600", WSPR, power output is set to 20db, and the mode is enabled.
Message is blank. Call is set. Locator is properly set from GPS.
Frame/start is set to "12 04". I used offsets to keep from transmitting at 0, 10, 20, etc, which I think are more likely to get stepped on.
Calibration is set to "08 120".
Ref freq, which I haven't changed, is currently showing 27,003,269. Last calibration cycles said "-002" and "-004", which seems like it is close.

Okay, individual troubleshooting:
Chris: right, no 'scope. With a DVM I see a couple of volts when it is transmitting.
Alan: thanks for the reminder on calibration taking a long time. No HF RX (yet). I have the frequency listed above; that's correct, right? That's what is listed on wsprnet.
Hans: thanks for the FAQ link, good to have another reminder on the calibration. The only other hint I see there is that maybe "08" is too low for a calibration step.

In any case, I'll leave it running. I was nervous to leave it running in the shack since I didn't know what it was doing, but it seems like it is probably just calibrating.

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On Wed, Nov 8, 2017 at 2:59 PM, Alan G4ZFQ <alan4alan@...> wrote:
Finally got my U3S attached to a known-good antenna. I configured it for WSPR (on 40m) and let it transmit for a couple hours. No data seen on wsprnet. I know it works; I've been running a wsprlite on that antenna for a while.


As Chris says + Are you sure frequency is right? (And timing) I cannot remember the setting but the GPS compensation default takes a loooong time.
No RX in shack?

73 Alan G4ZFQ


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