Re: Progrock + QLG1 GPS as 10 MHz Reference?

Alan G4ZFQ

So if I understand it, using the OCXO/Si5351A with the Progrock instead of the standard non-OCXO 5351A version would be an improvement?

I meant a commercial 10MHz OCXO, the QRP Labs one might be able to be setup as good but I am thinking of probably a around $30 with the advantage of no GPS. (If you think that is an advantage.)

And, as Joe says a modern TCXO like the FOX can be fairly close to that. (Although I've never liked the idea of the frequency jumps of the FOX even if it's never noticed.)

73 Alan G4ZFQ

I suspect you could do better with a good modern OCXO. (Mine stays
within about 0.1Hz at 10MHz over a year checked with GPS.)
But I await John's tests with interest.
73 Alan G4ZFQ

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