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Alvey Street

Got 6 off RD16HHF1 from mitsubishi europe in netherlands.  They are Genuine parts.  I also obtained some from:- This appears to be the sole UK outlet.
There is a lot of discussion, and photo's showing how to recognise fake parts(I have been bitten as well), on the mcHF blog:-

The genuine devices have 2 dimples, one each side of the mitsubishi logo, at the top of the black face.  Here is a picture :-

Regards Alvey

 20/10/17 23:06, Andrew Lenton wrote:

Thanks Buying low cost items  from the USA costs me more in postage and VAT @ 20% and £8 post office service charge to collect the VAT, so turns out not worth it in the long run.



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Those parts are Prime parts from a US distributor not from eBay or China. I have never had one be bad out of the box, and I have sold 1000's.

On 10/20/2017 1:14 PM, Al Holt wrote:
I'm using one and have been very happy with it. I sourced mine from 
ThePartsPlace from k5nwa; here's their page:
duct_id=61 price/shipping is reasonable.

I run it usually with 2W output and it seems to me in transmit the 
total draw in on the order of ~800-900mA. I biased it using the "zero bias"
method, but I can't remember if there was any difference between it 
and the IRF510.

Good luck!


Al Holt

Cecil - k5nwa

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