Re: Power output on 20 meters.

Mike Bowthorpe

Hi All

I also have a 20M version. The output is about 1.4W on 11.5V taking 400mA on T/X (all these are approx values). We need to get some more information about what is going on i.e. is it a loss through the LPF? ~ so hopefully on Thursday I will use the RF test feature of 9.2 to measure the RF at the following points...........

1. BS170 outputs at the junction of C29 & C30 
2. Junction of C29/C27 & L3
3. Junction of L3 & L2
4. Junction of L2 & L1

Sounds like a plan? That will give 4 RF levels and hopefully more info on where the problem is? There must be some standard figures about the losses through the LPF?

.............and the the nuclear option..........I did think that one option is to parallel up some more BS170's (they arrived this morning) but I am not sure if that is wise when the issue maybe elsewhere?


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