Re: RD16HHF1 5Watt PA #chat

Andrew Lenton

Hi Jan, I have now tested all 5 I have and all of them draw 1.2Amps the moment they are in circuit with TX on, I seem to have bought a fake batch off e-Bay, I have no idea what they even are, I will put them on a transistor tester and see what it comes up with.


I have ordered from SDR Kits here I the UK.


Thanks for the fast response.




Andrew G8UUG


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Subject: Re: [QRPLabs] RD16HHF1 5Watt PA #chat


On Fri, Oct 20, 2017 at 10:45 am, Andrew Lenton wrote:


Hi Andrew
Try the search function of the forum with RD16HHF1 (I think people are forgetting this).


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