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These are really common and cheap parts that you could get locally... probably faster than the kit without the filter parts could ship to you. 

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I understand the demand and the great price. One thing that might have been done better would have been for the shipment people notify Hans when they were low on 40M LPF kits before they ran out. That might speed things up in the future.

Robert (N5RHA)

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Really?  With the demand of such a high-performance radio and for the price point that Hans is offering the radio, what is there to be disappointed about?  Hans is not a large manufacturing organization but more of a garage shop operation.

Additionally Hans underestimated the demand of this radio so, of course, part fulfillment has become an issue.

You really got to give this guy credit for what he has accomplished in dong.  I for one am not disappointed.

Try to put yourself in his shoes.  Is there anything YOU can do any better?

To Hans, keep up the good work.

Kurt - W2MW

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On 30 Sep all the 2nd and 3rd batch kits were supposedly ready for shipment. Now all of a sudden there are not any 40M kits. A couple of weeks ago Hans had 50 kits he took to a hamfest while those of us that have already paid are still waiting. I have to say that I’m really disappointed in the service that QRP-Labs is giving.

Robert (N5RHA)

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