Re: RF Power #chat

Hazarda Masklo

This thread has been interesting, though a good deal over my head in its academic rather than practical approach.  In simple terms, how can a novice builder set up his U3S that uses several LPFs in order to avoid taking such an RF power beating going up the frequencies?   I have 40m, 30m, 20m and 17m LPFs for my two U3Ss.  Using my 40m WSPR spots as a baseline, the number of spots on the higher frequencies describe a very precipitous downward curve.

I know there are (or could be) several explanations for this, but somewhat primitively monitoring U3S signal strength with my receiver's S-meter indicates a successive power drop going up these frequencies, which I understand is more or less to be expected, but is still something I'd like to minimize to the the extent good construction and setup can.  As it stands, these higher frequencies are scarcely worth powering up.

Thanks for any help on this. 

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