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Hi Don, all,

I am on this list (with great admiration), mostly lurking and trying to
keep quiet because I know this is an elecraft list not QRP Labs ;-)

Just have to say - for the record - respectfully, this is not correct! I
cannot speak for Steve Weber, but I do *NOT* produce kits only for a
limited amount of time! I *DO* have a desire to turn kits like the QCX
http://qrp-labs.com/qcx into a long-lasting product line. And I do have a
factory and others behind me, helping with the work (kitting, warehousing,
distribution). Certainly I could not have kitted 1,000 more QCX kits in the
last few weeks otherwise!

The QRSS/WSPR transmitter kit product line has been running now since my
Dayton FDIM talk in 2010; the current Ultimate3/3S incarnation
http://qrp-labs.com/ultimate3 has been in continuous production since 2013
- selling well over 4,000 units to date.

Of course, it IS correct that I love experimenting and coming up with new
designs... as I am sure Wayne does too... but this is still a serious

73 Hans G0UPL

Don wrote...

While Steve Weber and Hans Summer do really good work and well thought out
designs, I see only one problem with the stuff they do - the kits are
available only for a limited time.
That is in contrast with the work Dave Benson did for the hobby.

I understand that they (or at least those who kit them) are individuals and
are reluctant to take a longer term risk of investment in boards and the
parts that go on them - things that may take years to sell and recoup the
Let's face it, those folks take delight in experimenting and coming up with
new designs, but have no desire to turn those designs into a long lasting
product line. They have no factory behind then to take over the chores
after the initial fervor has died down.
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