Re: QCX case ?

Patrick Sullivan

Mike, would you mind posting more about your results with the XL6009, and maybe a wiring diagram? It sounds like a great way to vary the voltage in to get the RF output right - if it's not too noisy.  And are you using a pouch-style battery or a 18650 type cell? A flat puch cell would be ideal for a compact case.  72 de AC3K

On Fri, Sep 1, 2017 at 5:36 AM, Mike W <mike@...> wrote:
The Hammond 29830PLSA case, appears suitable for the QCX, if a rugged
protective case is needed. it is a little large but the size enables
protection to all connectors and buttons.
Maplin have them as box N90BQ, but cheaper elsewhere.

I have also been playing with Li-Poly 3.7v battery and the XL6009 boost
regulator, available on Ebay, to power the QCX, psu noise does'nt appear to be
an issue, at least on 40m, and the battery and regulator will fit with the QCX
the above case to produce a lovely portable weather protected rig. total
weight about one pound or 480 grammes.

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