Re: RF Power #chat

Alan G4ZFQ

Think I understood and then find I missunderstood.

It seems so simple but....
It says "Again for WSPR, the Start parameter must be even (a multiple of two). For WSPR- 15, a multiple of 15.
Default: the default value is 00 which means the Start parameter is not used."

But I tried setting 10 00, seems to give a start of 10, 20, ... minutes, possibly also 00? Yes. Is this true on all firmware? I have v3.09f, it does not work like Andy says. I think the instructions are the same for all firmware on this point.

10 10 gives a 10 minute cycle starting 10, 20, ...

It does say Frame "Default: the default value is 00 which means no frame size is defined, All mode/frequency combinations are sent repeatedly in sequence. Frame must be set to a non-zero value for WSPR, WSPR".
The firmware does not let me set 00.

02 ** is possible and does give 100% TX.

Andrew, what setting were you using?

73 Alan G4ZFQ

Have been looking in the manual and see that the 10 00 picture was taken from there not from Andrews own U3S.
From the loggings I would think the parameter is set to 02 00.

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