Re: RF Power #chat


Think I understood and then find I missunderstood.

Have been looking in the manual and see that the 10 00 picture was taken from there not from Andrews own U3S.

From the loggings I would think the parameter is set to 02 00.
But if Andrew correctly wrote he have it set to 10 10, I hink that is a funny value.
The first 10 means every 10 minutes, so if you set it at 10 00 it will transmit at 10 20 30 minutes after the hour and so on. So a transmission that starts at 10 minutes will finish at 11 minues 54 seconds aprox. I still think the U3S get confused if you set a start time for this transmission the same as when the next transmission should start. Can't test myself as my U3S is down for modifications, and they have to wait, antenna jobs are more urgent when the weather lasts.

Ken or Alan can you test the consequences of setting the parameter to 10 10?

How can communication be so difficult? You know what you wanted to say, but not how the other party understood your message.


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