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Andy G0FTD <punkbiscuit@...>

What a palava this thread is becoming ;-)

FRAME is the time between each transmission.

If you are (for example) just sendingĀ  a WSPR transmission then it will wait for 10 whole minutes before the next WSPR transmission is sent.
(The spare seconds between the end of the WSPR TX and the whole minute are excluded of course).

START time is something you use if i you have a desire to specifiy a start time for any reason.

For example, if you want your transmissions to be sent at 6 minutes past the hour, then you specify 06, and then the first transmission will start at 6 minutes
past the hour, and then the frame rate takes over and then it will tx every 10 minutes.

A START of 00 does not tx continually, it means that there is NO start time specified, and only FRAME Is used.

With START=00 then it just starts to tx when you switch it on, or it has found GPS lock.

If you use only WSPR, then specifiying a FRAME rate is all that is really required.

6-10 minutes is usual, unless you are testing something for a short while and you need to send more frequent frames for adjustment purposes.

The START parameter, is really only used if you get into the QRSS modes, and you want to synchronise to "grabber" times, use grabber stacking or
do some clever frequency sharing.

73 de Andy

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