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Hi Alan, I think you are missing the way FRAME works;
The first number 10 00 is the time each 2 minute WSPR transmission frame starts, i.e 10 mins past the hour, then 20 mins 30 mins and so on, it is not a continuous 10 minute transmission.
The second number is the offset from 10 minutes i.e 10 02 would start you at 12 minutes past the hour, then at 22, 32 42 minutes etc.
There is no timing randomisation in the U3, so to avoid on-air clashes, you would use the offset number.

FYI, to be annoying and get a transmission every slot would be to use 02 00.

In answer to the CAL time question, FRAME is not the place to set this, it is under CAL, Set to 30 240 to start, (a 240 second cycle), then reduce to 10 240, then 01 240 as the calibration error shown at the end of a cal cycle reduces. Ensure GPS cal mode is also set in the GPS [mode] screen.

73 Ken G4APB

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RIGHT:- 10 10 gives 10 minutes between transmissions.
Trying to get this done quickly I keep making it longer but to finish:-

10 00 gives 100% TX.

73 Alan G4ZFQ

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