Re: 5W Power Amp Peak Voltage


Yep. Erms = sqrt(Prms*R). Epp=2*sqrt(2)*Erms. 

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On Aug 19, 2017, at 10:15 AM, g4sra via Groups.Io <g4sra@...> wrote:

Someone like to confirm my maths....

Volts: PeakToPeak=44.73  Peak=22.36  RMS=15.81  
Power: Watts=5.0 dBW=6.99 dBm=36.99

On 19/08/17 15:58, James Anderson wrote:
Hello to all.

What is the peak voltage that i should be seeing on my scope from the output of the 5W power amp.?

Assuming it's into the perfect 50 ohm load that is.

Kind regards, James.

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