Re: So, what's the new kit?


Hi Hans,
Automatic character spacing in your example means that if I waited more than 0.1 seconds after sending a dit and then pressed a paddle again, most keyers would start sending that next dit or dah immediately.  The AccuKeyer would wait until 0.3 seconds had passed, interpreting my 0.1s+ wait as an intention to finish that character and send a new one.  After 0.3 seconds, it would start sending the next dit or dah.  This feature could be turned off and on.  It trained me to be quite lazy in my code sending and so now I have to pay closer attention to this because most other keyers don't seem to have this feature!  I have to 1.  become less lazy, 2.  Find the Accukeyer documentation so I can fix my old keyer, 3.  Find or make a new keyer that has this luxury feature, or 4.  Obtain a keyer with open software and modify it to include this feature.

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