Re: So, what's the new kit?

Hans Summers

Hi Halden

From the moment you press a paddle, the everything happens at a regular interval determined by the speed setting. If you set 12wpm for example, the interval is 0.1 seconds. All the dits come out 0.1 seconds long, the dahs 0.3 seconds long, and the gap between them 0.1 seconds. Is this what you mean?

If not, then please describe it to me so i can understand it. If a feature isn't there and is useful... then I can add it to a future firmware version. The kit has 2 x 3-pin header for AVR programming supplied. So easy firmware updates. 

The keyer also has a "weighting" feature for people who like to deviate from standard Morse timing to make theirs sound "harder" etc.

Hans G0UPL

On Aug 4, 2017 12:43 AM, "HF via Groups.Io" <> wrote:
Wow, an on-board iambic keyer!  Does it have automatic character spacing like the Accu-Keyer I made in '79?  If not, will the firmware be available so that someone can program that feature in?
-Halden NR7V

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