Re: QLG1 No 3D Fix

Clive Lorton

Hi Bill

Bill Wrote : "I suspect the YIC5 maker nay have updated their firmware."

FYI Bill I have built two new QLG1s (s1.04) received in the last 4 -6 weeks. Both are working fine and lock my Si5351 VFO/Sig genny.  One has a battery back up problem and that I have to address, I expect its a build problem.

If you have done this please ignore my next comment. 
Do you have a scope? if so can you see the 1pps and the data signals on the output of the QLG1?

73, Clive G8POC

On 19 July 2017 at 13:23, Bill Oelker <boelker@...> wrote:
Hi Alan, I have done a search, and never found a solution. These units are recent builds and a previous older build works 100 percent. The only issue with the new builds is the fix data does not appear. The satellite counts and signal strength all are good.  I suspect the YIC5 maker nay have updated their firmware  And it changed something on the data output. But I am probably wrong . This is really a low priority issue, the QLG1 works great with the check data not selected. Bill KN8DMK

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