Si5351A VFO/Signal Generator with QLG1

Clive Lorton



I think I might be having a bit of a Doh moment. 

Yesterday I finished building the kit and I entered #HB, #M6 & #GG on line 2.  Everything worked, but the layout was poor. 


Today somehow in reprogramming I have no other information visible than the operational frequency on line 1.


I have reset the MCU at boot-up, but no difference. When I program  #HB there is no display. This is the same for any other commands on line 2. 


I have also added #HB to line 1 but nothing.


I have checked, and there is a nice 1pps pulse on pin 28 and I can see a data burst on pin 2 of the MCU.


Does anyone have any idea where I might have gone wrong?




Clive G8POC

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