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Well I have been able to successfully use a  ATmega1284 TQFP part for the ATmega328 mounted on a daughter card… the extra pins come out the end of the daughter card for use in other things.  Short of a revision to the main board this is an excellent step to get more IO and programming space.


Other comments in this thread…. I also have multiple Red Pitayas for skimmers… with the addition of a DXEngineering antenna mounted preamp, they hear as well as anything connected to my Elecraft K3…



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+1 to that idea-  the space is needed on the IO pins without messing up the clock or relay board I haven't counted the IO in use 

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On Dec 22, 2016, at 1:32 PM, Larry Acklin <acklin@...> wrote:

As long as there is room and Hans has the desire, these are great ideas.  My Great Idea ;) is to have an API that could control the U3S from a Raspberry Pi or other SBC maybe communicating over serial, then the heavy lifting could be with another computer.  Somewhat like what CAT can do for the "big rigs"



Larry KB3CUF


On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 4:28 PM, la6lu@... <la6lu@...> wrote:

Hello Hans,

"Yes, that was requested already and is on the list. I didn't have time or space to put it in yet. I'm still thinking about how to make space for the sunrise/sunset calculation etc. "

A great idea Hans :)

Will it then possible to pause and not transmit at all for some time? Control over the tx with respect to the sunset/sunrise/greyline times could be very useful on the 630m/2200m bands for saving solar power, especially in the the winters where solar charging are much lower. On these bands, there is usually dead condition by day time, so transmitting when daylight is really a waste of precious power. A setup which will allow restricting the transmissions to when the sun is down (or up, or continuously as before) will really be a nice thing on the low bands. Not only that, it will also help keeping one's back free over the issues regarding IARU, which say they don't like continuous transmissions on those low and some of the higher bands too.

Geir, LA6LU

On 12/22/2016 07:19 PM, Hans Summers wrote:

Hi Frank


Yes, that was requested already and is on the list. I didn't have time or space to put it in yet. I'm still thinking about how to make space for the sunrise/sunset calculation etc. 


73 Hans G0UPL


On Thu, Dec 22, 2016 at 9:15 PM, Frank de Wilde <ph2m@...> wrote:

Hi Hans,

Could it be possible in future firmware that depending on sunset/sunrise/greyline time that bands can be chosen to be used... e.g. 160/80/40 at night, 40/20/15 during greyline, 20/15/10 during daytime. And of cause up to 11 bands when using multiple relay-pcb's ;)

73 de Frank PH2M 




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