Re: Oil pressure line for oil pressure sender

Garry Siggelkow

I literally had a sensor go bad at about every oil change until I mounted remotely.

On Jun 28, 2020 11:12 AM, "Fabricio Pereira via" <fasilpereira@...> wrote:
I have had mine mounted on the engine for 1400+ hours without any problem on my Tecnam P-92 Echo, but I’ve heard of a lot of issues with other aircrafts.

I would get something like this if I was to mount it remotely:

This is for the NPT sensor (old engines). If your engine has the metric sensor, you have to request a special model.


Em 28 de jun de 2020, à(s) 13:21, Esa Lehto via <esalehto@...> escreveu:

Folks, where you have sourced oil pressure line for oil pressure sender? Don't want to use regular fuel line which is rated for 50 psi.

Doing some maintenance and decided to replace oil pressure line which I run from front of Rotax to firewall to reduce vibrations and make it last longer.

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