Pulsar SP-100 Step

David Weaver

Pulsar Kit 911 was sold as a fast build kit with fuselage halves joined, empennage and wings completed. The fuselage steps are not documented in the original construction manual which was transferred to me from the fourth buyer of kit 911. The steps are probably 4130 tubular material. The Nomex fuselage bulkhead for step attachment appears to be solid material as noted when tapping on it with a metal bolt (not hollow).
There is also multiple layers of glass cloth applied to bulkhead under each leg mounting bracket secured with .25 inch dia.
bolts. To duplicate this structure in earlier Pulsars and have adequate strength would add a minimum of 12-15 lbs. I would not attempt it when I was flying an XP. When my wife flew with me a collapsable stool was used for her to use as step.
Dave Weaver

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