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This Group is devoted to the appreciation and care of Pulsar aircraft.   Originally designed by Mark Brown, and sold by his company, Aero Designs,  the Pulsar evolved from the original 'Pulsar Standard' (aka 582) to the 'Pulsar XP', and 'Pulsar Seris II'.   With the introduction of the S-II, the XP became the S-I (Series One) by default, but the S-I name is seldom used.   Only a handful of S-II kits were sold before Mark sold the designs and production rights to SkyStar Aircraft, who, at that time, also produced the Kitfox.
Mark Brown remained involved as a consultant, revising the S-II to suit SkyStar's vision for the plane, and to incorporate some standard Kitfox parts into the design... like the tricycle gear's nose strut.   The resulting design was the Series III.   Kitfox continued to sell parts for earlier Pulsars, they they only produced & sold new S-III Pulsar kits.   Eventually, SkyStar sold all design and production rights to a new company, Pulsar Aircraft Corporation (PCA).
PCA introduced a new, slightly larger, more powerful and faster version called the Pulsar Super 100.    Also, Rich Trickel of 'KIS' fame was part of the PCA management team, so his KIS product line was included in PCA's... the Pulsar 150 (original KIS), and the Super Cruiser.   PCA came to an un-timely end after Rich Trickel passed away of natural causes, and the Principal Owner, Yaron Degani, died in a flight accident.   Production of both new kits and service parts ceased.   However, interest in these wonderful airplanes has continued
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