FS: Dishtronix Prometheus Solid State HF Amplifier

Steve Sacco

Dishtronix Prometheus Solid State HF Amplifier SN 28

I've decided to simplify the station, and with more than a little regret, letting go of my Dishtronix Prometheus solid state HF amplifier is part of that redesign.

This is easily the best, most heavy-duty solid state amp available to the Amateur Radio community.  

Duty cycle?  100% continuous @ 1,500 watts, SSB, CW/RTTY.  Period.  No "ICAS" or other silliness.   True "brick on the key" stuff, which is interesting, since Dishtronix now owns Alpha, the company which made that term famous.

See the reviews over at eHam:  I wrote one of those reviews, and still believe every word of what I wrote.

This one has a linear power supply, which while heavy, is much simpler than the switching PS version, and due to its design, to be RF-quiet.


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