[DDUtil] Flex 6700 and Prometheus DX2400

Steve Nance <snance@...>

Al - The DX2400 is supported by DDUtil now and will be when the 6x00 radios
are released. I'm working on a new version of DDUtil (v3) that allows
selection of radio type (Legacy/6000) in the user setup. The DX2400 can be
band switched and the drive controlled automatically via DDUtil.

DDUtil v3 should be available for Legacy radios hopefully by the end of the
year and the 6000 radios by the time they ship.

73, Steve K5FR

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Flex 6700 and Prometheus DX2400

Hi Steve,
I'm new to SDR and DDUtil but just ordered the FLEX 6700 and wonder how it
works with our Prometheus DX2400 amps.

No rush, don't expect the 6700 to ship till Q2 2013 so have a few months.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ


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