Any updates from Dishtronix? Hamvention 2018 update

Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ

Hamvention 2018 update — I talked with Mike today at his booth in Xenia.  The Alpha 4040 tuner was on display and he said the tuner is still in the works.  His primary focus is getting his new facility in TN completed so that is taking top priority.  

His current expected delivery date for the 4040 is first quarter of 2019.

On a related note he also had the prototype for his DX2400 Mark II solid state amp at the show.    He plans to have several models (power levels) available and the amp and power supply will all be housed in a single enclosure.  

His curent expected delivery date for the new amp is late 2018 or Q1 2019. 

The dates are not committments since there are other projects that could still take priority but the main take away is that both projects are still planned.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ

Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ

Pix of Mark II in current state.

same front control as DX2400 — power supply will be in same chassis.

Regards Al / NN4ZZ