Line Voltage (non) Issues

Steven M. \(Mike\) dishop

Greetings Everyone,

Everett, W8ZP had posted here a few months ago about having some line voltage faults. He let me know after Hamvention that it turned out he had some troubles with a floating and intermittent neutral on his incoming line voltage supply, and that now that it is corrected, everything is fine.

It turns out the amplifier was fine, and was just protecting against a faulty incoming power connection.

How about that? I'm surprised his 110V circuits for household wiring wasn't going crazy as the 110V is taken from one side of 220V line to neutral.

I could say something about how good the protection in your amps are, but you already know that. However, for the record, you DO need a good neutral / ground connection on your LPS4800 power supply.

So, I think we are back to 100% satisfaction with everyone.

Best 73,

Mike N8WFF