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Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ

Thanks for the kind words.

From below: "the reason "problems" are not discussed on this forum is because there aren't any."

I have to say that this is true and that is VERY rare today. When I got my amp and set up my personal DX2400 web page to chronicle my experiences I fully expected to have some trouble. Didn't happen. I figured I'd run into something after a a few months. Didn't happen. My amp just works every great is that.

I set up this Yahoo forum as a place for others to post about problems so we could help each other. As Mike noted there just haven't been hardly any problems. I'm sure there must be a few things from time to time but it's not like some of the other Yahoo groups I moderate or participate in. If there are any tips or problems, members are welcome to share them here too but of course we know you are the place to go for help.

Keep up the good work!

Regards, Al

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Hello Bob,

Thank you for your comments and input.

Let me clearly state for the record that there is no sweeping of anything under any carpet. It appeared, at least to me, that Everett was attempting to emai me and mistakenly posted here on the group reflector. I'm not the moderator, owner or associated with the reflector in any way other than being a member. So, if someone makes a negative comment here I am not able to make it disappear unlike on some other manufacturer's reflectors. Al, NN4ZZ started this group (with my permission) so he could meet other people and discuss the amp with them in an open an unbiased forum before he choose to order one. Al has no pecuniary interest in Dishtronix, but his web page on his amp and his group here has probably sold the bulk of the amplifiers through word of mouth. In fact, I don't even advertise the product except for the yearly demonstration of the amp running all weekend at Dayton. In recognition, I'd like to l give Al a word of thanks for sharing this great amp and providing this venue for us to discuss the greatest solid state amp available for ham radio. Thank you Al!

Seasonal variations in line voltage are not a design problem or unique to any particular amplifier. If you have a transformer power supply, the DC bus voltage will change with line voltage. The Ameritron and THP amps with linear supplies change DC bus voltage with line voltage. All transformer based tube amps do this as well. The only way to circumvent this from a manufacturing standpoint is to incorporate linear regulators, dissipating in this case probably 300W or more and adding to cost significantly, or to go to a switching supply, which we do offer as an option. Relay switched taps on the main transformer is also a rather expensive option and has its own set of reliability issues associated with it.

As to my dedication to this product, the amp exists and is on the market. 2013 marks Dishtronix 15th anniversary and the 6th year of DX2400 production. Where could you buy a solid state and legal limit amplifier before I broke the barrier? Who holds three amp patents on solid state amps? Who do the other guys copy for features and technology? Who introduced the actual, true SO2R system that switches the amp between actual transceiving antennas and not some crappy receive only antenna? How many features have been added to firmware that you contest guys requested? Where did you first see toroidal power transformers in a production amp? How many other companies call you up when you get your new amp and spend a couple of hours or more with you on the telephone helping you verify it is operational, walking you through the setup, showing you all the things it can do and urging you to call anytime if you are uncertain of anything or if you have a problem?

If you order one of the amps you will find out for yourself that the reason "problems" are not discussed on this forum is because there aren't any. We exhibited our technology at Hamvention for 5 years before we shipped the first DX2400 because we wanted it to be right and so we could also refine and incorporate everyone's feedback. It is in two boxes for example because people thought it was too heavy. The SO2R and all the added complexity for controlling from a second transceiver is in deference to the contest operator's input. Those are just two examples of how we incorporated feedback before ever offering the product for sale. We just recently upgraded the internal PL259 interconnects to N type based on feedback from a very knowledgeable aerospace customer. The back panel circuitry was upgraded some time ago to allow better interface to remote antenna switches and band decoders courtesy of one of our contest customers. The firmware now sports a temperature gage option due to a potential customer comment who didn't even order an amp.. I would say that every single time we find a way to make the amp better or have more features we implement it, test it and quietly release it without fanfare. At the same time, we don't release a feature unless we are absolutely certain it won't compromise the safety and integrity of what is already there.

Occasionally we do have a problem as all manufacturers do. We fix it and do our best to make certain it doesn't happen again. Unstable line voltage is not a manufacturing or design problem, but I'll do my best to help resolve a situation. Recently I spent a couple of hours on the telephone helping one gentlemen here make his system work with a Microham accessory on the CIV port. Everything was fine on the amp and working within specification by the way. Where else do you get that kind of personal support?

Thank you again for pointing out what someone could potentially misinterpret. I hope this makes things more clear. As usual, please feel free to contact me anytime with questions, comments or suggestions.

Best 73,

Mike N8WFF

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Both from the standpoint of customer support and the avoidance of highlighting a potential or existing problem, I can understand your request to direct technical questions directly to a company email address and not to a reflector, but from the standpoint of potential customers, that is a bad policy. With the pervasiveness of forums and customer comments on the Internet, it give the appearance of trying to hide something, although I doubt that is the case. Even in the age of the Internet, word of mouth advertising is the most precious advertising a company can have. Now the Internet and it's forums multiply the word of mouth effect. Rather than trying to remove problems from public view, you should embrace the medium and demonstrate publicly how responsive to your customers and how devoted to improving your product you are.


Bob Wilson NT0A

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Dear Everett,

Thank you for writing about your amp. I would recommend that you direct technical questions or service issues directly to me at my company email and not to the email reflector which goes to everyone on the list.

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