Re: #29 has arrived!

Steve Bolia

Congrats Alan.  I’m sure you will enjoy it.  Thanks for all of the contest Q’s


Steve, N8BJQ



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#29 has arrived

I have looked at this amp over the years at the Dishtronix display in Dayton and made the decision to purchase one in March of this year. There was a lengthly delay to obtain a unit with the Linear power supply due to problems with the transformer and choke supplier. The unit Mike shipped me last week is perfect! The choke and Transformer are up to the task and quiet!

With a friends help we installed the choke and transformer into the power supply unit. I then phoned Mike and he spent an hour on the phone to assist me in setting up the amp to work with my IC7800 and Microham MK2R+ . The amplifier is setup for SO2R and I will interface the second radio this week. After an hour with the engineer and teacher I have a good knowledge about all the settings and options that are availabe throug the menus. That is awsome support from a manufacturer!

Thanks Mike!
73 Allan VE7SZ

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