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Steve Bolia

Hi Al

I've talked to Mike about the remote panel a couple of times (we chat quite
often). Because the amp is so big it is hard to mount it where the front
panel is visible and easily accessible. We've had a few issues with
integrating the amp into my station and Mike has been great. Dealing with
SO2R, computer logging and Top Ten band decoders and WX0B antenna switches
is something he was not familiar with (but he is now!!) The ICOM is the
issue. CIV control works okay with the amp but you can't get the CIV to
work with the amp and N1MM logger at the same time. Think we have a
work-around that will fix that. At some point, I think the amp firmware
will be updated to handle this.


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Welcome to the group, it is small and not very active yet. (the amp just
works, so that may be part of the reason). I enjoyed reading the CQ
review, hopefully it will generate some more interest and awareness.

I'm anxiously awaiting the enhancement to provide a "remote control" program
so I can view the status and control the amp from my PC. I know Mike is
working on it and hope we hear more soon.

73, Al

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I'm Steve, N8BJQ

I own unit #7 with the SO2R board and the switching PS. Pretty active
contesters (mostly CW and RTTY with some talking stuff once or twice a
year). Also chase DX.

Love the amp - bought one after I did the review for CQ. Rigs are an IC
756ProIII and a K3 with mono banders for 10-40 and wires for 80/160. Set up
for SO2R contesting.

Have made several thousand Q's with this amp and also the review unit
(which was a different one). No smoke yet which is a good thing.

Getting set up for fully automated band and antenna switching and computer
logging with both radios.




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