Re: Any updates from Dishtronix?

Steven M. \(Mike\) dishop



The new solid state has PLENTY of headroom on 160 and other bands, just like any Dishtronix amp. In fact the new chassis is intended to even build 5K solid states in.  I think it is safe to assume you’ll see 2K on 160 or more. However this isn’t a specification or a promise. This is just idle chat – for now.  I’m not going to promise when it is going to be out. Let’s hope by fall.


I finished last year’s big projects and expect to have engineering time available again for the tuner again sometime in April.


I’m going to be involved with some other things this year, starting with the process of the new Ten Tec factory.  I’ve selected the site and now have to go from there with the process.


You might see something new at the Alpha booth.  Maybe I will divulge more before Hamvention.  




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Hi Larry,
I'm going to Dayton and will get ask Mike about it.   I haven't seen any other details but maybe Mike will see this post and give us an update sooner.  I know he is busy but you never know.

According to the vendor list on the Hamvention site he has a booth reserved.

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