Re: Any updates from Dishtronix?

Robert Emory

the images did not come through for me.
could someone send them to me as an
attachment to an email to
thanks very much,

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Subject: RE: [PrometheusDX2400] Any updates from Dishtronix?


We have a couple of new designs that are almost ready. It will be probably be end of summer before we can release it. The objective being to do it for contest season this year.


The first step of course is to survive Xenia….




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Subject: [PrometheusDX2400] Any updates from Dishtronix?


Doe anyone have any updates on the successor to this amp or any of the other things Dishop is working on?  I will not be going to Dayton so if anyone is and hears anything please post.


Kevin N9JKP

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