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Steve Bolia



I’ve been running the Switching PS since I bought my amp (maybe 4 yrs ago).  100,000 plus Qs and it has not failed or caused any issues.  Also a lot easier to carry!




Steve, N8BJQ



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I did speak with Mike Dishop later yesterday. Initial diagnosis is my fluctuating line voltage (I have had to use the 220 240 and 260 taps at various times) and repeated OV faults has led to the failure of a transistor (I2 error ["eye two"]).


Lesson learned: the switching PS is probably a better selection for QTHs like mine. I have the linear PS.


Curious about the line filter mentioned in a posting - does it regulate voltage before it hits the amp? Brand? Model?


Since I am sending back the amp to Ohio for service, Mike has suggested updating the transistors to more rugged designs that have become available since my amp was built (sn 0011). Anyone out there do this upgrade? Worth the investment?



Bill AA7XT

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