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Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ

Thanks for the feedback. The wiring was correct but the verbiage was confusing and incorrect. I make the changes on V8 of the diagram posted in the FILES sections.

I also added your "also known as" comments to the FLEX connector names. Although FLEX doesn't use that terminology, it makes it easier to follow when interfacing the DX2400

- TX1 (aka FLEX KEY OUT)

Thanks, Al / NN4ZZ

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Hi Al,

Flex TX1 connector would be called by me as "Flex Key Out"
This would connect through the tuner to DX2400 13 pin connector pin 2 which would be labeled DX2400 KEY IN.
Note: Your diagram says something about pulling low to inhibit RF output. This is incorrect. Pulling low will intiatiate the T/R changeover relays.
Following this, pin 7, DX2400 KEY OUT, will pull low to request the transceiver to create power. This is connected to FLEX KEY IN (TXREQ) on your diagram.

The group is here because you took the initiative to create it Al! I'm both happy and grateful that you all enjoy my work.


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If anyone here is considering interfacing their DX2400 to one of the new FLEX 6000 SDR radios, you may be interested in some files I added to the forum. The files depict an interface box to inter-connect the 13 pin DIN connector on the DX2400 to the various connectors on the FLEX6700. It also provides a toggle switch for powering up the DX2400.

They documents are in the FILES section in a folder titled "FLEX 6700 to DX2400 cable box."

The files include:
- a Visio diagrams (multiple tabs) - if you don't have Visio you can download a free viewer.
- some pictures of the adapter box

I also updated my Prometheus web page with some additional notes:

Kirk / K6KAR has his 6700 and one of the DX2400s on order. I have a DX2400 and one of the radios on order. So between us we should get a chance to actually test this out in a month or two.

A big thanks to Mike, Steve/K5FR, George/W2GS for your help in confirming my approach. It would be great if everyone worked together as well as this group.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ


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