FLEX 6700 to DX2400 interface box

Al Ludwick / NN4ZZ

If anyone here is considering interfacing their DX2400 to one of the new FLEX 6000 SDR radios, you may be interested in some files I added to the forum. The files depict an interface box to inter-connect the 13 pin DIN connector on the DX2400 to the various connectors on the FLEX6700. It also provides a toggle switch for powering up the DX2400.

They documents are in the FILES section in a folder titled "FLEX 6700 to DX2400 cable box."

The files include:
- a Visio diagrams (multiple tabs) - if you don't have Visio you can download a free viewer.
- some pictures of the adapter box

I also updated my Prometheus web page with some additional notes:


Kirk / K6KAR has his 6700 and one of the DX2400s on order. I have a DX2400 and one of the radios on order. So between us we should get a chance to actually test this out in a month or two.

A big thanks to Mike, Steve/K5FR, George/W2GS for your help in confirming my approach. It would be great if everyone worked together as well as this group.

Regards, Al / NN4ZZ

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