Re: Great customer service

Steven M. \(Mike\) dishop


I absolutely love to hear you sing the praises of the DX2400 and it is very much appreciated. But then again, as you already know, it truly is the best solid state amp ever! Someone should join the AMPS forum and let all those guys who were standing in line waiting for the Yaseu VL2000 know that they could buy the DX2400 Prometheus with the Heavy Duty LINEAR supply, quality US workmanship and PATENT PROTECTED US engineering, along with the Dishtronix great support for almost 1K less than the projected 12K price of the VL2000! In fact, they could have bought one anytime in the last six years! Why wait longer? Why buy a copy when you can buy the real thing from the US company that pioneered the legal limit plus solid state durability specifically for the amateur market, and for less money? Six years is a long time, but we quietly keep making it better any way we can. For example, the original DX2400 heat exchanger was already nearly the size of their entire RF deck, and our improved heat exchanger now shipping has 75% more fine area than our original! Which one would YOU want to run in a contest? You guys who have one already know: DX2400 - accept no substitutes!

To those reading who don't have one, if you are tired of solid state amps that blow up, if you are tired of amps that need constant trips back to the factory for some reason or another, if you want a quality, professional grade instrument that you can depend on, then you need to call me and place an order. You have to wait a while to get one, but ask any of the owners if the wait is worthwhile and see what they say. Also, unlike other manufacturers, I personally do everything I can do to assure that you get what you are expecting, and support you every way I can before and after the sale.

Again, thank you gentleman for the nice comments which definitely are encouraging. For those who are interested, we are restocking some parts and are advised of 12 week lead times which puts us into July deliveries for new orders. The lead will grow longer after Hamvention orders are placed.

VY 73- Mike N8WFF

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