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AllText.exe ( - Fixed a problem caused by a change to the RBN Cluster used by Alltext.exe. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- AllText.exe ( - Fixed problem when program encountered data saved in All.txt before the format was changed from the first release of WSJT-X 1.8. The old format cause the program to prematurely end the search. This version skips over those data lines. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alltext.exe ( - This version allows you to designate the source of the All.txt file. The source could be either WSJT-X (default) or JTDX. These two sources have different formats so you have to make sure you select the appropriate source for the file being used. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Alltext.exe (Ver is a Windows based program that allows the user to search through the All.txt file that is generated and updated by WSJT-X. It can be run while WSJT-X is running and updating the file. It does NOT load the entire file into memory. Given the search criteria of the 2 call signs and the qso date in question, it will retrieve the data lines matching the search criteria in less than 0.5 seconds regardless of the size of the file. It can analyze SNR values by call sign and date of all of the decoded messages. In addition, it can display up to 5 minutes of current PSK Reporter data as well stream Reverse Beacon Network data with optional alerts.