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By: Sam Birnbaum

Version - Fixed grid display for NA VHF and WW Digi replied Exchange Value after the leading "R" was not displayed. ================================================================contest Version - Fixed display when displaying EU HVF exchange data. =================================================================Version - Added AP Info data to the grid display. Fixed content of Msg Sent column when both the Sender and receiver are hashed. ====================================================================================== =================== Ver – Update UI. PSK Reporter display can be sorted on any column by clicking on column header. Added DX Grid and Spotter Grid filters to PSK Reporter display. Use DX Grid filter to display spotted stations within a selected grid. Use Spotter Grid filter to display spotted stations by spotters within your grid or another grid. Grid filter value can be 1-6 characters, case insensitive. Added SNR Analysis options to the main UI. ===================================================================================================== New Version - - One bug fix and one enhancement. Bug Fix - If you opened the PSKReporter screen, switched back to the main screen and then returned to the PSKreporter Screen, an audio messages was heard that you returned to the PSKReporter screen. That audio message was heard whether you indicated that you were visually impaired or not. The new version will only announce that message if you indicated that you were visually impaired. Enhancement - The PSKReporter screen now has a Display Band Filter in addition to the Mode filter. ================================================================================================================================ Ver Can now analyze SNR within a date range, Added a mode filter. Fixed a disappearing "search end date" widget. Read, Search Analyze the WSJT-X All.Txt file. Download PSKReporter data. Please note, Because of the change in the all.txt structure that occurred in early 2019, those records will not be displayed properly and the date range function will not work on them. AllText is optimized to use the Search Start/End Date range values to greatly increase the speed of operation.