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This is a group for people who sail Privateer 20s. The Privateer 20 is a 20ft shoal draft cutter, available in both Gaff and Bermudian rig versions, with a drop keel,  designed by Norman Howard and built in the 70s by Small Craft (Blockley).

This group is a successor to the group of the same name on Yahoo Groups,  following the effective closure of Yahoo Groups.   The old group has been archived,  and we have migrated the archive Files and the vast majority of the Photos onto this site;   we will also consider how best to make the archive message board available.    

To borrow a guideline from another site that some of us also inhabit, drifting off topic is tolerated within reason. Consider it the equivalent of the sailing club bar!

New members are very welcome, but for a short period their posts will be moderated while they test the waters.

As well as the Message Boards, do browse the Photos and the Files sections,  (and return to them from time to time);   there is a wealth of material there,  and it forms an invaluable and probably unique reference library about the boat.

There is no Privateer Owners Association or Class Association in existence, but the Shipmate is a slightly smaller sister ship from the same designer and builder, and we are developing links with the long established Shipmate Owners' Association.   Privateer owners are very warmly encouraged to join that Association as Associate Members;

Please be aware that our total storage limit is only 1GB;   that may sound a lot,  but it is relatively little per member.    There should be no problem with uploading photos,  as the platform will automatically re-size them where necessary,  but please avoid uploading videos;    we suggest that you put the latter on Youtube,  and simply post the link on this site.       Thank you.

We aim to change the cover photo from time to time,  using members' photos (possibly amongst others).   Current cover photo is Group .Owner's boat,  Tarka II,  in the Mersey in 2016 in extreme light winds;  "As idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean" (Coleridge).

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