Shortwave Radio Logs from Southern California

Stewart MacKenzie

ALBANIA China Radio Intl Relay-CRI 9570 0200
Chinese 333 Sept 27 YL and OM with comments plus
some Chinese music. //9690 [333]via Spain.

ASCENSION BBCWS Relay 7105 0438 French 333 Sept
26 Two OMs with comments. MacKenzie-CA.

ASCENSION BBCWS Relay 7160 0448 English 4444
Sept 26 Two OMs with comments on Gay Bishops in
Africa. MacKenzie-CA.

FRANCE Radio France Intl-RFI 7135 0445 French
333 Sept 26 YL and OM with comments. MacKenzie-CA.

HAWAII WWVH 5000 0430 English 444 Sept 26 YL
with Time annoucement and contact address office in
Hawaii. MacKenzie-CA.

RUSSIA Voice of Russia-VOR 9435 0454 English
444 Sept 26 YL and OM ancrs with Band music plus
choir musicat 0456. YL with 0458 S/off and ID "This is
Moscow and IS to off the air at 0500. Mackenzie-CA.

SOUTH AFRICA BBCWS Relau 7120 0440 English 333
Sept 26 OM with comments on Sudan plus an item on
George Bush on UN Forces in the Sudan areas.

SWAZILAND Trans World Relay-TWR 4775 0434
English 333 Sept 26 An OM with a sermon.

Stewart MacKenzie, WDX6AA
Huntington Beach, California, USA
"World Friendship Through Shortwave Radio Where Culture and Language Come Alive"

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