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Well, not sure what was working the best...I have bought a lot of old radio equipment back in the 50' & 60's an most were in the 2, 4, 8, an 11 mhz an 140 to 280 mhz
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there was an artilce some years back in Popular Communications
Magazine on that.  It was 11 Meter.  Mac

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Hi Danny: Interesting question you've brought up. I'd like to see what the frequency allocation table looked like in 1943. I have seen surplus gear that ranged from 2MHz to 40+MHz, and some commercial gear that went into the VHF-UHF ranges back even before then. So, that leaves us with what was being used for what back then. Hopefully, an old timer can bring us on board. Good listening: theboyd
Does anyone know what meter band the planes of the Axis and Allies used during the second world war? I have not seen any information on this. I thought I had read somewhere that a person in North Carolina or somewhere in the South East coast was able to hear transmissions from North Africa of General Rommel during the campaign battles there.
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