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Hi Tim,

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--- Timothy Marecki <swlistener77@...> wrote:

Hello everyone,

Here is a list of shortwave stations I recently heard in Tallahassee,
Florida. I'm using a Drake R8 with a 40 foot longwire erected

1300-1359 UTC Polish Radio English, 9450 KHz SINPO 35333 on 1/1/08
via Germany

All India Radio 1450-1500 UTC Sign Off SINPO 55344 Non-English.
Frequency? Probably 9690 where I also hear them, but nowhere near that well.

0935-0945 UTC 6160 KHz Radio Rio Mar, Brazil in Portuguese. Talk and
Pop music. No ID given, station ID'd with 2008 Passport Book. SINPO
A good reason not to rely 100% on Passport. HCJB Ecuador has added this
frequency for its Portuguese service at 0930-1030.

Radio Taiwan International English 5980 KHz 0300-0400 UTC SINPO was
45333 on 1/5/08
You mean 5950?

Radio Deutsche Welle English 2015-2025 9690 KHz SINPO 55345 1/6/08
via Rwanda

WBCQ Monticello, Maine 2045-2055 UTC 9415 KHz SINPO 55334 1/6/08
You mean 7415.

Polish Radio (Polish) 2235-2237 UTC on 9660 KHz SINPO 45534 1/11/08
via French Guiana.

0500-0530 UTC Radio Japan "Pop Up Japan" program and brief news on
6110 KHz. SINPO 55545 on 1/13/08
via Canada

73, Glenn Hauser

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