[ptsw] Re: Antennas or New Radio?


There is also steel or aluminum wire that is used as electric fence wire on ranches and farms that is very effective.  I am in the process of adding more length to my cooper wire antenna and will use this as an add on to increase the length of the antenna to 150 feet in an L shape pointed south.
Bob from the North Cascades

Kelly wrote:
I want to tell you a secret about wire antennas. Copper wire sucks
as a antenna. I know they tell you that it doesn't matter, but it does.
I have done some experiments with different wire and what happened
was I had gone to a RS and picked up some .22 guage hook up wire.
I took it home and put a clip on it and cut it down to about 45 feet to
fit in my reel. I was pleased with it and started using it. I didn't notice
it at first but I was getting the same reception from it as I was from
the whip. I tried it both ways, with and without and it was the same.
I found a short 6ft. piece of 26 guage steel stranded wire and wrapped
one end around the whip and my signal doubled compared to 6ft. of the
new wire which I had laid out next to each other for a good compare. I have
just ordered some copper coated steel wire that is listed as antenna
wire and I will see how it does.

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