Merry Christmas


To everyone of Prime-time Shortwave, Merry Christmas.

Thanks for all the great advice and notes which has
greatly increased this hobby beyond a home brewed
regenerative receiver and listening to megawatt
stations back in the 60's. Special thanks to Stewart
Mackenzie (life long friend and my editor in chief
from ASWLC), Daniel Sampson and Ernest Riley (PTSW and
friend), Glenn Hauser (listened to and read his
articles for many years but only meet just recently
via here), Arnie Coro (DXer's Unlimited program, which
I have never met but really enjoy listening to his
programs) and to the many others that I have met over
the years in this great hobby. May the God that gave
us this Christmas season grant you peace and long
life, renew the spark in our eyes, like it was in the
beginning and share it.

Art in Reno

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