Jen's & GB's St Patty's Day Annual Cast is up and & ready for your pleasure

Glenn Hauser

From Jen:

Hi Glenn,

Here's our link for upload or Download.

Thanks, Enjoy

Next Weekend on Sat is a new time change for CARN. We will not be starting the cast
at 1900 but at 1800 UT. CARN only has two more shows until our break and will return for the new fall DX season. We will do one special cast before then like last year, so next Sat at 1800 to 2100 UT join us, for the HF enthusiast in you. Calling All Radio Nutzz

Next Sunday is my annual time change/spring-is-in-the-air show from 1700 UT Sun to to 2100.

We`re on Unique Radio, Australia; our live stream:

Jen & GB
73" & 33''