Glenn Hauser logs March 25, 2023

Glenn Hauser

** ANTARCTICA. 15476 USB, Sat Mar 25 at 2102, LRA36 is on with music,
S4/S5 into Argentine SDR, tnx to tip from Manuel Méndez, Spain who had
it direct from *2055. I may not have time to monitor much further
detail, but supposed to last six hours (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 11670, March 25 at 0643, RHC in English, S9+10
undermodulated; no other frequencies still on. You never know whether
this will show up or not, on 11670 or 11760, modulated or not.
Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** GERMANY [non]. 7230, March 25 at 0629, DW IS, brothers seeking
brothers, S7/S9 with QRhaM, lotsa LSB during some contest. If it`s DW,
cannot be broadcast direct from Germany. At 0630-0700 it`s via SAO
TOME in Hausa, what else (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** KURDISTAN [non]. 17480, March 25 at 1509, S6/S8 two signals beating
or Doppler fluttering, presumably Turkish jammer and Dengê Welat. Now
nothing on 17460 or 17470 where they might also jump (Glenn Hauser,

** SOUTH CAROLINA [non]. 9955, March 25 at 1515, this WRMI is OFF, and
so is 9455, leaving TOMBS on 9395 only; despite supposed extensions to
1600 Sabbathdays only on 9955, but also 7570, 5850, 7780, 5010, the
latters unchecked but would hardly be propagating daytimely (Glenn
Hauser, OK, WOR)

** TURKEY. 5960, March 25 at 0023, VOT overrun in German is still
going, UTwente check, running the 2-minute multilingual ID filler reel
including English. From March 26 or maybe UT March 25 already, this
will happen after 2300 on 11785 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 395 MCW kHz, March 25 at 1506 UT, CA, 25-watt ND beacon at
Newton/Harvs KS due north of here; and also 407 MCW kHz, HRU, 25-watt
NDB at Herington KS. My local noise hump circa 400 kHz is still there
but diminished enough for these to be copied with IDs beyond JBA
carriers (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2183 monitoring: confirmed UT
Saturday March 25 at 0130 on WRMI 5850, S9+20/30 direct. Axually it
started at 0130:15, altho 7780 is the only frequency needing a delayed
start to avoid the noise burst.

Missed checking UT Sat Mar 25 at 0400 on WBCQ R Angela 5130v; did
anyone hear it?

Confirmed Saturday March 25 at 1700 UT, on WRN North America webcast -
still at winter timing. After the biweek of confusion, from April 1,
this should change to 1600, as UK catches up with DST already in
effect in NAm. Also all the other WRN airings from March 26.

Not confirmed any time between 1930 and 2100 UT Sat Mar 25 on WA0RCR,
1860 AM, S9+20 into nearby SDR. Maybe unusually ran much before
nominal 1930, or not at all? Next:

2230 UT Saturday WRMI 5850 to NW
2230 UT Saturday WRMI 15770 to NE
0030 UT Sunday WRMI 7780 to SW
0245vUT Sunday WA0RCR 1860-AM [nominal 0315; as late as 0457]
0800 UT Sunday Unique R, Australia 5035 USB [low power]
0830 UT Sunday Unique R, Australia 5035 USB [previous episode]
2100 UT Sunday IRRS 1323 & 918? & 207?-Italy
0030 UT Monday WRMI 7780 to SW
0300vUT Monday WBCQ Area 51 6160v to WSW
0030 UT Tuesday WRMI 9395 to NNW
2330 UT Tuesday WRMI 9395 to NNW
1000 UT Wednesday Unique R, Australia 5035 USB [low power]
2100 UT Wednesday WBCQ 7490v to WSW
0030 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S

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** U S A. 12160, Sat Mar 15 from 1700, WWCR-2 with `The Talking [sic]
Machine Show` at earlified time for CDT season, to my surprise, at
1705 host Phil Patton mentions me, tnx for nice comment about his show
in DX Listening Digest! You`re welcome; maybe a years-old evergreen
repeat altho I have recommended TTMS recently apart from DXLD.

Also says show is on two other stations, one of them webcast Geneva
Community Radio in NY, 4 pm Saturdays.
It`s now known as Global Community Radio,
with WOR at 0100 UT Mondays on GCR1 stream. But I don`t find TTMS on
sked at all, nor on GCR2 or GCR3. Lots of great programming amassed,
much of it international on GCR1 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 9330.000, March 25 at 0534, WBCQ-6 SuperStition is finally
back on air with World`s Last Chance Radio in English, as first
reported by Walt Salmaniw at 0413. But as soon as I tune in, it dumps
off air at 0535*-*0536, and again for less than a minute during 0540.
Still going next check 1518 when it matches WWV 10000.000 exactly
directly. So the Continentals not only got it working again, but
exactified the frequency, at least for now - but seems still stuck on
9330, no matter when or whereto. But UTwente is not even getting
enough signal to lock onto. By 1907 it`s sporadically locking onto
9329.996+ but inaudible (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** VANUATU. 7260, March 25 at 0630, no signal from R. Vanuatu, nor on
5040, 7890, 11835. Maybe still on but blanked by propagation
disturbance (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 2122 UT March 25