Glenn Hauser logs March 21-22, 2023

Glenn Hauser

** ANTARCTICA. 15475.98 RCUSB, March 22 at 2252, LRA36 is S3/S6 into
Buenos Aires SDR - the Mendoza one is deaf, Spanish discussion back on
original frequency rather than other transmitter one kHz lower.
Without any advance notice this time, maybe a regular Wednesday
evenings, numerous reports of this had erupted on the WOR iog,
starting with Eric Fetters-Walp at 2012 UT via Montevideo SDR.
Apparently there was a break but came back on at 2207 per Arthur
Pozner. 2345 check here direct: no signal (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 12000, March 22 at 0624, S7/S9 of dead air, 2 x 6000 where
the dead air rates S9+30; and no others are still on so no 12120 as
last night. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 11760, March 22 at 2227, this RHC is off. 11850 is on, S6/S9
of pointless suptorted JBM along with parasitic spur carrier on 11840,
the mirror on 11860 unable to compete with Martí and jamming. 11880
also off where English used to appear sporadically. Somethings` always
wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** EGYPT. 9440, March 22 at 2222 direct, S6/S9 of dead air, no doubt
another failure of R. Cairo to broadcast in English; something`s
always egregious in Egypt (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** JAPAN. 11630, March 22 at 2226, S4/S7 of Western classical
orchestral music, whence? NHK morning Japanese service at 21-23 to SE
Asia, off the back (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** KIRITIMATI. 846 kHz, March 22 at 0645, JBA carrier from R.
Kiribati, as usual now, the only 9/kHz split audible in MW bandscan,
getting too late for Europe even if otherwise propagable (Glenn
Hauser, OK, WOR)

** NORTH AMERICA. 4015 USB, March 21 at 0257, weak S5 into northern
Utah SDR, nondescript rather repetitive music, still there past 0316,
0347, 0357. Russian-ethnic pirate восточная звезда [Vostochnaya
Zvezda] was logged here March 17 & 18, see my previous reports.
Probably still, but unlike before: never any ``московские вечера`` IS
à la маяк. Occasional brief bits of talk/conversation totally
unreadable even as to which language. I never heard before nor now the
Russian ID reported by others.

Since programming now is different, this could be some other pirate,
as no one has an exclusive claim to 4015. HFUnderground reports of
this have been very sparse lately. Wolverine Radio was also on 4015 at
some point, but tonight does not sound like that either.

Gary Pence, KM5X, has been monitoring this ``Eastern Star``
extensively via several remotes in California & Nevada, comparing
signal strengths, ``where it`s being heard and how well. Other
considerations are terrain and antenna type used`` by the remotes,
concluding that it`s not in southern Arizona as someone else
suggested: ``I think he has a terrain block he`s dealing with. I
personally think he`s running 40 or 50 watts. If it was more power it
would be a bigger circle of consistent reception. I think he is in
south central to southwest Nevada. So this is my circle of consistent
copy over time.`` Earlier Gary suggested SW Nevada, perhaps in the
Dyer/Piper Peak area right next to the California border: ``Hi Glenn,
this is not TDOA technology, just my personal opinion, ole school
DXing after 50 years hamming and common sense. Best guess
between those two points. 73s, Gary`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** SPAIN. 9690, Wed March 22 at 2300 REE VG into Maryland for token
English, Justin starts by announcing new A23 total transmission
schedule but not making clear English will be one UT hour earlier.
Preview of feature topix: interview with amateur astrologer -
pass!Can`t waste time with nonsense. Over to Turkey (Glenn Hauser,

** TURKEY [non]. 5960v, March 21 at 2314 & 2346 chex via UTwente: NO
signal from VOT English, just Chinese from XJPBS, East Turkistan, std

5960.003, revives March 22 from 2358 tune-in to IS blotting BBC, VG
into UTwente, 2300 sign-on and news including Ramadan will start
``Thursday`` meaning March 23, in most countries but several others
are waiting until Wednesday to decide whether to start it Thursday or
Friday --- but Wednesday is over already. All depends on official
local sightings of new moons, how quaint. 2309 `Review of Turkish
Press`. 2312 search & rescue team salutes. 2313 `Whipping Piles`, half
of world`s population to be obese by 2035y, per WHO. 2318 `Weekly
Commentary` read by heavy-accented YL, unlike Whipping Piles which was
by a more understandable YL. But atop the CCCCCCI undercurrent from
XJPBS. About China becoming a power broker, Iran/Sa`udi Arabia, etc.
2228 song. 2233 `Feeling Supreme/Healing Supring` on common cold, flu
and antibiotic treatments - not useful against viral causes;
recommends garlic, zinc, etc. 2340 songs. 2354 s/off with same
defective script as usual, but sounds like a new reading by same
announcer. 2355 IS, 2356 starts inserting German IDs and keeps going
after 2400 timesignal, s/on and news on a totally spurious but not
infrequent SW broadcast.

Note that since Türkei became Türkiye, the ``der`` has been eliminated
after ``Stimme``. So the new name even imposed on other languages,
must not be limited to one part of speech, proper noun.
Recep could not stand his domain being confused with a dumb? but tasty
bird. Yet in German there is no such confusion as the bird is a
*Truthahn*, nothing wrong with calling the country Türkei!

Strangely, during this hour I did not hear a single one of those
crutches, ``always at your side`` promos, nor even the 2-minute
multi-lingual ID filler reel (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2182 monitoring: confirmed Tuesday
March 21 at 2330 on WRMI 9395, S9+20/25 into Missouri SDR.

Also confirmed Wednesday March 22 at 2100 on WBCQ 7490-, S9 into
Maryland SDR. Next:

0030 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S

New WOR 2183 should be ready for download early UT Fri March 24.

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** U S A. Re 12050, WEWN Spanish, RCM, missing March 21 at 1540, I
also inquired of Glen Tapley: ``Still wondering about WEWN. People ask
me if it will ever resume English on SW; what should I tell them?

Glen Tapley replies: ``The transmitter is being repaired. Parts,
especially tubes, take much longer to order, have built and tested,
then received. Once all is received, installed, and tested, the
English transmission will resume. Sent from my iPhone`` (Glenn Hauser,

This report dispatched at 0022 UT March 23