Glenn Hauser+ logs March 14-15, 2023

Glenn Hauser

** ANTARCTICA. Wolfgang Bueschel just reported March 14: ``15474.971
kHz (!) UNIDentified mx program, likely Argentine Antarctic 5 kW tiny
LRA36 sce? rather strong S=7 at 2330 UT.``

Who says it`s 5 kW? March 15 at 0030 I also have it approx. 15475;
15474.97 into the one Argentine KiwiSDR working online. Only rock
music so far, rather weak, on both LSB and USB but louder on USB, and
a reduced carrier if sidetuned. Surprise Tuesday broadcast without any
advance publicity? Maybe it`s the `new` transmitter no longer circa
15476. As soon as I press Send, ``RAE Argentina To The World`` ID at
0033, more music, rather distorted. Glenn, at 0036. Other reports:

Doug White, KA5ETS: ``Just heard RAE Argentina al mundo ID at 0048.
S7 into central NC. Using Airspy HF+ Discovery with 57 ft end fed
antenna at 40 ft. Off, or no longer being heard here in NC by 0101``

gh: Not rechecked Arg SDR until 0113, off but: Something strange circa
15472/73, intermittent bits of electronic music or talk, very hard to
pin down exact frequency, which seems to fluxuate with modulation
{like a spur}, circa 0116. Then nothing to 0123. Glenn

Horacio Nigro, CX3BZ, Montevideo at 0141: ``They've been doing tests
on USB, LSB, including AM. I read of Korol asking for reports in our
Whatsapp group. But I am not close to active radio monitoring, lately.
Expect more tests coming besides regular sked already announced.``

gh: It`s on again with music from 1600 tune-in Wed Mar 15, 1608 RAE
multi-lang ID, 15475 USB not LSB, only S3 into BsAs SDR. Is becoming
so common now? 1618 phone tones, ``comunicad`` promo. Later chex:
still at 1647; 1804 S5, 1820. Glenn. Other reports on WOR iog:

Zach Liangas, Greece: ``More careful analysis shows AM mode with LSB
part at quite lower level than USB (about 10 db) possibly like
vestigial sideband. Song Eva at 1902 -92db``

Eric Fetters-Walp, Lake Stevens, Washington: ``At 2035 UTC, I found
LRA36 on 15475 USB (at least it was heard best in USB) with a rock
ballad, then an ID, into a rock instrumental with a male voice
speaking during the song, another ID, then into a slow rock song with
a singer who sounded at times like Tom Waits. The signal heard via the
Montevideo, Uruguay, SDR suddenly went off the air around 2047. Here
near Seattle, I could faintly hear the music directly, especially
during the guitar peaks, but it was overall much worse than last
Saturday's reception of LRA-36.``

Levi P. Iversen: ``Made it here to Norway too. Very weak but heard an
ID at just past 2015 UTC on around 15474.97 kHz: "Transmite LRA 36
Radio Nacional Arcángel San Gabriel" Clear ID. Best in USB. Carrier
off at 2047.`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** KURDISTAN [non]. 17470: at 1344 March 15 on the BDXC-UK iog:
``Hello, Does anyone have any info on which station is currently
broadcasting 17470 KHZ now? Many Thanks in advance. François``

Mauno Ritola, Finland, at 1355 replies: ``Sounds like Dengê Welat.``
[BTW, Mauno is now International Editor of the new WRTH -gh]

Tony Rogers, UK at 1404: ``I agree with Mauno, it is Dengê Welat.
Matches their live stream at``

Wolfgang Bueschel, WOR iog: A23 season looming on Sunday March 26,
so likely BRB Ludo Maes ordered some technical broadcast tests
of the Tashkent Uzbekistan antenna in 16 meterband towards
Kurdistan-all nation (pressure by Turkey since freedom treaty in
Lausanne in 1923, when Osmanic empire collapsed 100 years ago)
in Syria, Turkey, Iraq, and Iran azimuth target. 73 wolfie df5sx``

gh monitoring: At 1636, music & Kurdish? talk, S9/+10 into Cyprus SDR
at -300 Hz = 17469.700. However, needs calibration. Same SDR with
timesignal on 10000 displays as -29v Hz (RWM CW IDs audible on side
from 9996 at 1639). Also tried Kuwait SDR S5/S7 showing -246 Hz but at
1706 best into Qatar SDR S9+15 showing -248 Hz, so really 17469.753 or
so, typical offfrequenciness of Tashkent site. Still going chex: 1802
S7/S9; 1822 S9+15/20; 1905 drift to -252 Hz.

Arthur Pozner at 1844: ``Have monitored 17470 kHz from around 1700
UTC. Was fairly listenable at my location (near NYC), but faded by
now. It is the strongest from remote SDRs located in Siliguri and
Vadodra in India. Must be originating from Central Asia, so Tashkent
is most likely transmission site`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** NIGERIA. 7255-, March 15 t 0615, VON is S9+10/20 but JBM (Glenn
Hauser, OK, WOR)

** TURKEY. 5960.015, March 15 at 2320, VOT English is on with songs,
S9+30/45 into UTwente. Loud modulation, light distortion, and very
strong but rather deep fades at furst and not hearing much CCCCCCI.
2328-2340 `Weekly Commentary` starts later than usual, read by
hard-to-understand accented woman, about cultural heritage affected in
earthquake regions. Now with no music I can hear the XJPBS
understation. 2340 right into next feature theme, `Feeling Supreme/The
Healing Spring`, with the better-accented YL, remedies for headache,
migraine, until 2347; music; 2351.5 multi-lingual ID filler reel. 2354
s/off of 1330, 1930 and 0400 broadcasts only, NOT ever mentioning this
one. 2355 IS looping. 2356 pause and restarts with German IDs
embedded. ``Hier ist die Stimme Türkiye`` twice per minute. Still not
turned off by 2400 timesignal and s/on (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. [WOR] KOVR RP on 26110 is KMK282 --- I did some further
searching at FCC ULS, starting with the frequency 26.110 - would you
believe there are 125 entries all over the USA? Some are 3 letters + 3
numbers which I believe are base stations; others 2 letters + 4
numbers, remote or mobile units. But many are canceled or expired.
Eight of them are licensed to CBS or Sacramento TV Stations. The only
almost-active one is this which ``expired`` a few months ago on

``Broadcast Auxiliary Remote Pickup License - KMK282 - SACRAMENTO
TELEVISION STATIONS, INC --- The license term is concurrent with the
parent station licensed with FAC ID 56550

The callsign applies to six different locations; surely we are hearing
#1: at KOVR HQ licensed for 60.000 output power, 83.782 EIRP -- must
be watts, not kW! And all six have duplicate entries on another
frequency, 26.450:

Location Transmitter Address / Area of Operation Latitude, Longitude
1 - Fixed 2713 KOVR Drive, West Sacramento, CA. 95605
West Sacramento, CA SACRAMENTO County 38-35-35.8 N, 121-32-46.9 W

2 - Fixed 14003 RIVER RD .7 MI NE
WALNUT GROVE, CA SACRAMENTO County 38-14-50.0 N, 121-30-07.0 W

3 - Fixed 509 W. Weber, Suite 202
Stockton, CA SAN JOAQUIN County 37-57-09.7 N, 121-17-50.8 W

4 - Fixed 6.5 Miles east of Georgetown
Georgetown, CA EL DORADO County 38-54-13.6 N, 120-42-16.7 W

5 - Fixed 25 miles W of Modesto
Modesto, CA STANISLAUS County 37-30-29.8 N, 121-22-29.8 W

6 - Fixed North Peak, Mt. Diablo
Contra Costa, CA CONTRA COSTA County 37-53-33.7 N, 121-53-56.8 W

I bet the callsign ID is never uttered on the air

Later: It`s on now at 1622 March 15, W&W discussion of dietary
options, steady S7 into Missouri SDR. Off for ads at 1650-1652, not
much heard later but not monitoring continuously, competition from
Kurdistan and Antarctica. At this hour it`s KMAX programming, not
KOVR. Glenn

Doug KA5ETS White at 1623: ``Audible here now in central NC. S6 with
deep fades. Started monitoring around 1610. Heard a discussion about
copyrights and digital media. Now they're discussing delicious
recipes.`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [and non]. WORLD OF RADIO 2181 monitoring: ``From: Richard
Lemke, St. Albert, Alberta, Canada, the desk of Richard’s listening
Post, Radio: JRC NRD-535 HF, Antenna: random long wires in the trees.
Dear Glenn: Confirming World of Radio #2181, WRMI:
5850, 0131, 0159 (45433), S9 signal, 0159, March 11 UTC 2023 [Sat]
15770, 2230, March 11 UTC 2023 [Sat]
9395, 0032, 0041, 0059, S9, March 14 UTC 2023 [Tue]
9395, 2337, 2346, 2354 (45433), 2359, March 14 UTC 2023 [Tue]
(Lemke, Richard -AB)``

Confirmed Tuesday March 14 at 2330 ex-2430 on WRMI 9395, S9+10 direct,
S9+20 into Virginia SDR.

Also confirmed Wednesday March 15 at 2127 on WBCQ 7490-, JBA S2/S3
direct vs S2 noise level: I can barely recognize it`s my voice. Away
from computer I remote-recorded a sample of the 2100 start via
webcast, confirming it is #2181. Now an hour further into the dayside
tnx to stupid DST, and seasonally gaining even more absorption week by
week until Solstice, reduces and reduces the reach of this broadcast.

0030 UT Thursday WRMI 9395 to NNW [ex-0130]
0130 UT Thursday WRMI 5010 to S

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** VANUATU. 7260, March at 0616, JBA carrier presumed RV (Glenn
Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0005 UT March 16