Glenn Hauser logs February 5-6, 2021

Glenn Hauser

** AUSTRALIA [non]. At 1902 UT February 5 I remind the WOR iog:


9265 kHz AM - VIA WINB From Feb 5
Fri. 4:00 - 5:30 PM EST (2100 - 2230 hrs UTC)
Sounds of Hope and Inspiration Presented by Aussie Tim (30 minute
DJ Danny Sun Interviews and some laidback tunes (30 Minutes)
Unique Radio Australia 'News in review' & Radio Tatras International
with Eric Wiltshire & Dave Rhodes (30 minute Version)

Sat 8:00 - 9:00 AM EST (1300-1400 UTC)
Sounds of your life (oldies) or Aussie Tim's 'Generations'``

At 2112 I reply: ``Or not! Still at 2112 it`s Main Street Church of
Christ, ignorant self-righteous gospel huxter. Running late? I`m
listening via website live stream, not tried 9265 yet. Sked futurely
dated Feb 7 shows:

ET / UT - - Friday(ET) - -
03:00P / Fri-2000...Worship At home
04:00P / Fri-2100...Unique Radio
05:30P / Fri-2230...Words of Life - Back to the Bible

So maybe Uniq does not start until next week? Glenn`` --- but then:

``Guess what: when I do tune 9265V direct at 2114 something totally
different with Oz accent. So their stream is not live at all // 9265.
That`ll teach me. Glenn``

Further monitoring: 9265V means the frequency is always wobbling
slightly, unstable transmitter; also had some clix about once a
second, not sure if a transmission defect or QRM; audible up to 9280
but not on the minus side. At 2114 had a discussion about the web.
There was not a break circa 2130 but same program continued. 2137
started playing songs; 2200 WINB ID by Tim, and on to Radio Tatras
International, RTI, from Slovakia, informal discussion but hard to
follow with SW reception declining. At this time there is competition
from `Behaviour Night` on weaker 7490.2 and stronger `VORW` on 9955,
but both of them do webcast. Aussie Tim later replies that the WINB
webcast was supposed to accompany 9265V (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 11820, Feb 6 at 0307, JBA carrier presumed 2 x 5910 CRI
relay, but nowhere the bigsig it recently achieved. Compared to much
stronger active RHC fundamentals 11670 and JBM 11850. Something`s
always wrong at RadioCuba (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** EAST TURKISTAN. 4980, Feb 6 at 0040, JBA carrier, but not WRMI
which has abandoned it; since there are equally JBA carriers from the
Urumqi Four on 5060, 4850 and 4500, i.e. Xinjiang PBS in the morning,
land of Chicom genocide against the Uyghurs. I was going to link to
some more Uyghur music, but instead, about it being suppressed:

``“Eating Hanness”: Uyghur Musical Tradition in a Time of Re-education
--- Amy Anderson and Darren Byler, p. 17-26


In February 2019, two major musical performances by residents of the
Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region were widely circulated on Chinese
social media. These two performances, one a Mekit County Harvest Gala
and the other a performance by a Uyghur school teacher from Qumul,
featured Uyghurs dressed in Han cultural costumes performing Beijing

Over the past five years, since the “People’s War on Terror” started,
the space for Uyghur traditional song and dance performance has deeply
diminished. Simultaneously, the space for Uyghurs performing Hanness
through Chinese traditional opera and Red songs has dramatically

Drawing on open source Uyghur and Chinese-language media, ethnographic
fieldwork, and interviews with Uyghurs in diaspora, this article
analyses the changing role of music in Uyghur religious and ritual
life by tracing the way state cultural ministries have dramatically
increased their attempts to separate Uyghur music from its Sufi
Islamic origins in order to produce a non-threatening “permitted
difference” (Schein 2000).

Since 2016, the re-education campaign of the Chinese government on
Uyghur society has intensified this disconnection by promoting an
erasure of even the state-curated “difference” of happy, exoticized
Uyghurs on stage. Han traditional music is now replacing Uyghur
traditional music, which shows an intensification of symbolic violence
toward Uyghur traditional knowledge and aesthetics.

In a time of Uyghur re-education, musical performance on stage has
become a space for political rituals of loyalty to a Han nationalist
vision of the Chinese state.

Amy Anderson and Darren Byler, « “Eating Hanness”: Uyghur Musical
Tradition in a Time of Re-education », China Perspectives [Online],
2019-3 | 2019, Online since 01 September 2019, connection on 06
February 2021. URL:

About the authors

Amy Anderson is the pen name of a Uyghur scholar who lives in North

Darren Byler is a lecturer in the Department of Anthropology at the
University of Washington. His research focuses on Uyghur
dispossession, culture work, and “terror capitalism” in the city of
Urumqi, the capital of Chinese Central Asia (Xinjiang). He has
published research articles in Contemporary Islam, Central Asian
Survey, and the Journal of Chinese Contemporary Art and has
contributed essays to volumes on ethnography of Islam in China,
transnational Chinese cinema, and travel and representation.`` (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** OKLAHOMA. Earthquake report: I feel a slight tremor at 1749 UT
February 5, so check USGS immediately. Within a couple minutes it
magnitude 4.1, 1748:43, 4 km NNW of Lucien OK, 5.0 km deep
but later modified, and accompanied by one earlier and one later from
same tiny town area about 35 km ESE of Enid, neither of which I felt:
magnitude 2.6, 1729:35, Oklahoma, 5.0 km deep
magnitude 4.2, 1748:43, 5 km WNW of Lucien OK, 6.7 km deep *****
magnitude 2.6, 1759:13, 5 km WNW of Lucien OK, 5.0 km deep
Lucien is probably closer to where Richard N Allen, MW DXer lives
outside of Perry; how were those for him? (Glenn Hauser, Enid, WOR)

** U S A. 5085, Feb 6 at 0242, WTWW-2 with rock music, distorted and
very strong S9+40/30 frequency is wobbling unstably. I measure the
parasitic JBA spurs one can`t help but notice in 1-kHz step
bandscanning: 5097.991 and 5072.010, surely matching within margin of
error and/or fundamental could be very slightly high, not measured
directly. O yeah? Why doesn`t anyone else report them? At 0247 there
are some modulation breaks within the music (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report dispatched at 0517 UT February 6