Glenn Hauser logs December 29-30, 2020

Glenn Hauser

** CANADA. 223-MCW kHz, Dec 29 at 0743, dash and YYW, 1000 watt ND
beacon at Armstrong, Ontario (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 6100, Dec 29 at 0733, RHC is S9+30 of dead air in English
plus some hum, no other frequencies left. Something`s always wrong at
RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** CUBA. 13571 approx., Dec 29 at 1512, the ``Cuban sound`` spurblob
during `Sonido Cubano` on RHC, with F# tone, best readable in FM mode
where it`s 10 kHz wide and hard to pinpoint the exact center. This is
second-order, 129 kHz below source 13700-AM which is S9+20; then
first-order circa 13636, 13765, weaker 13830, and S1-S2 on third-order
13894. Something`s always wrong at RHC (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** EAST TURKISTAN. 9860, Dec 29 at 2226, S5-S7 fluttery Esperanto, as
sked this hour from CRI via Kashgar, land of ChiCom cultural genocide
against Uyghurs and other Moslems. And why is it that only Commies are
interested in Esperanto broadcasting, also Cuba, not even gospel
huxters who employ countless tiny tongues? Its creator, Ludoviko
Lazaro Zamenhof, was a Polish Jew, but pre-communism, 1859-1917y:
(Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** NEWFOUNDLAND. 2598-USB, Dec 29 at 0737 UT, roboyl marine weather in
English, S8 vs S7 noise level here. shows starting at
0737, the first early-morning broadcast = 4:07 am local, in the cycle
of 6 or 7 mostly NL stations in the 2598 group, is VCP-4, Placentia,
with 3000 watts, greatest of all. Nothing on 2749-USB yet, but VCO
Sydney NS is to start at 0740 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** PHILIPPINES [and non]. 9795, Dec 29 at 2304, Vietish? talk with QRM
underneath sounds like Firedragon, but why bother? Aoki does not show
*jamming or anything else here. This is FEBC in Mon via Iba site - not
the same as Hmong, which is at other times in three different hues,
Black, White, and Blue - based on traditional costumes? I wonder which
one was SXMZ, see U S A (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** SPAIN [and non]. 9690, Dec 29 at 2302, REE in Sefardí, since it`s
martes, rather than English on L/M/V. As matches the sked in Aoki/NDXC
for Day 3; a.k.a. Ladino, also Sundays 2230-2300. Not as strong as
usual, with some ACI from 9695 in Japanese with echo, i.e. CRI via
Jinhua, presumably rather thisaway (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** TURKEY. 5960, Dec 29 at 2300, no signal from VOT English to us;
should have been at least detectable despite S8-S9 HLLNL. Something`s
always erroneous at Emirler (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 9955, Tue Dec 29 at 1524, `Freedom Synergy Radio` is just
ending another unscheduled airing on WRMI, 1525 into one of my
favorite fill-music tunes, `Sandunga` on marimba; recheck at 1600,
still on contrary to sked with TOMBS (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 4980, Dec 29 at 0220, WRMI apparently on here, but VP S8-S9
and undermodulated, can`t even be sure of language, SMTV? Not // 5010
which is S9/+10 and fully modulated vs Madagascar het, nor // any
other WRMI frequency.

At 0228 I hasten to compare them via TWR Bonaire KiwiSDR: 5010 is
closing R. Taiwán Internacional citing its Spanish sked as 01 on 5800,
02 on 5010, 22 on 7780; at S9+10, while whatever on 4980 is only S5-S7
into dead air at 0230 but still on, exciter only? (Glenn Hauser, OK,

** U S A. 7490.18v, Tue Dec 29 at 2258, WBCQ ending one `AAAWWW` with
anti-Chinese remarx, retune at 2300, *another* `AAAWWW` - or the same
one? Is starting with ``William Tell Overture`` and more anti-China
interjexions. It`s scheduled at 22-23, but a gap at 23-24, not even
``Available Time Slot``. Didn`t Brother Scare useta occupy that hour?
I see the WBCQ Program Guide has also finally deleted 3265, which has
not been on the air since early 2020? (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A [non]. 7530, Dec 29 at 2227, no open carrier unlike 24+ hours
ago, and presumably no SXMZ either at 2230 via Taiwan, the Colorado
Christian-Hmong hmissionary show of B-19; at least that gave us a
chance to find out it`s apparently gone (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. 810 kHz, Dec 29 at 2325 UT, steady S9 of dead air in
presumed English, WHB Kansas City? Yes, loops thataway and 2330
finally JIP stupid sports talk (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

** U S A. (101.1), KSFR Santa Fe NM, via webcast: one of my favorite
shows in its final airing, UT Tue Dec 29 at 0400-0700, `Beyond
Borders`, excellent ``world music`` hostessed by Susan Ohori. In her
rather droll style of speech, she has been saying the last few weeks
that she is moving to Thursday mornings at 16-19 UT, apparently
already starting there tho sked even for next week/year still shows,
what must be a similar show with another host, `Sound Travels`. I`ve
not checked that yet. Each provides playlists, but apparently no
podcasts or archiving since the demise of Radio Free America. See:

I have the impression the move was not Susan`s choice, as she alluded
to her longtime Monday-night slot not being what the audience would
prefer; some survey? The daytime show must be a different style with
e.g.. breaks for news on hour, so she makes a point of playing an
extra-long piece to conclude tonight.

``Susan Ohori

Susan Ohori pioneered the programming of world music on radio from
1972 - 1977 on Pacifica station KPFA in Berkeley, with her program
Last Chants. She served as Music Director there from 1976 - 1977, when
she left the Bay Area to research and record Purepecha folk music in
Michoacan, Mexico.

She published "An Introduction to World Music: 100 Records to Start
With" in the Next Whole Earth Catalogue.

Moving to Santa Fe in 1980, she produced a weekly 6-hour program of
classical music (including contemporary and world) on KUNM,
Albuquerque, from 1980-1982. She was Program Director for the
Explorations in Music concert series at the Center for Contemporary
Art, Santa Fe, from 1981-1985. In 1992 she began producing her weekly
3-hour program of world music, Beyond Borders, on KSFR.

In 2002 (?), along with a group of dedicated station volunteers and
supporters, she was instrumental in forming the non-profit Northern
New Mexico Radio Foundation which won the contract to take over the
management and fiscal responsibility of KSFR from Santa Fe Community
College. She served on its Board of Directors from 2002-2009 (?).

She founded Ohori's Coffee, Tea & Chocolate, a roasting and retail
business in 1984 and sold in 2001. She also opened Casa, in 1996, a
retail store specializing in folk art.

She was a founding Board member of the Santa Fe Film Festival which
she served on for 10 years. She has recently returned to her work on
clay sculpture begun in the 1970's.``

The gallery of show hosts on KSFR lacks a portrait of her, unlike the
others. Her name, at least, I think be Japanese/Nisei. A cursory
websearch doesn`t find her visage either, but the woman who bought her
coffee shop, I think.

No info yet on KSFR site about what will replace her two sesquihours
on Monday nights, and she is not saying. At least that alleviates the
conflict/overlap with a similar show on New Mexico`s other prime
public radio station, KUNM [89.9] Albuquerque, at 0500-0800 UT
which I suppose will now become my habitual listening. KUNM does have
a limited on-demand archive. Years ago I did suggest to Susan that it
was a shame both were on at same time (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

UNIDENTIFIED. 5095-USB, Dec 30 at 0215, very occasional 2-way, unseems
Spanish, sandwiched between the huge 5085 WTWW signal, and its JBA
spur about 5097 (Glenn Hauser, OK, WOR)

This report despatched at 0600 UT December 30