First edition of B-07 English shortwave schedules

Daniel Sampson <dsampson@...>

After too long of a wait we now have an update to start out the B-07
shortwave schedule season. A big thank you goes out to Ernest Riley for
making the continuation of these schedules possible. All the files have
been updated except for the Palm OS file. A noted addition is the addition of the transmitter relay va for Santa Maria Vatican.

Daniel Sampson and Ernest Riley
Prime Time Shortwave

The following schedules have been updated.

AWR - (AWR via Alan Roe via WDXC)DEUTSCHE WELLE - (DW TB via Alokesh Gupta)LIBYAN BC - (DX MIX NEWS)KNLS - BULGARIA - (DX MIX NEWS)RADIO CANADA - RCI website TECH-TRANS-EN.pdfEXTERIOR DE ESPANA - RADIO NETHERLAND - (RN website via BCDX-UK / via Paul Gager-AUT, A-DX Oct 14)RADIO PILIPINAS - (Roberto Gori via Play DX)RADIO PRAGUE - (Jaisakthivel, Ardic DX Club, Chennai, India)RADIO ROMANIA - (DX MIX NEWS)RADIO SLOVAKIA - (Alokesh Gupta)RADIO TAIWAN - (DX MIX NEWS)RADIO TIRANA - (DX MIX NEWS) (Drita Cico via Alokesh Gupta)RADIO UKRAINE - (DX MIX NEWS)RADIO VATICAN - (via Jaisakthivel, Chennai)VOICE OF GREECE - (John Babbis, Silver Spring, MD, Oct 19, DX LISTENING DIGEST)VOICE OF TURKEY - (Alokesh Gupta) (DX MIX NEWS)WYFR - (Evelyn Marcy, WYFR Okeechobee, Oct 18, DX LISTENING DIGEST)KAIJ - B07FCC01.txtKWHR - B07FCC01.txtWHRA - B07FCC01.txt WBCQ - Replaced 17495 with 18910 (Dx Listening Digest)Radio Japan - Radio Japan website all_e.pdfRadio Sweden - Radio Sweden website Radio Pakistan - (Alokesh Gupta)BBC(Sentech B07) - (Via Kathy Otto)(Alokesh Gupta)CHANNEL AFRICA(Sentech B07) - (Via Kathy Otto)(Alokesh Gupta)CHINA RADIO INT'L(Sentech B07) - (Via Kathy Otto)(Alokesh Gupta)WYFR(Sentech B07) - (Via Kathy Otto)(Alokesh Gupta)RADIO NETHERLAND(Sentech B07) - (Via Kathy Otto)(Alokesh Gupta)SA Radio League(Sentech B07) - (Via Kathy Otto)(Alokesh Gupta)TRANS WORLD RADIO(Sentech B07) - (Via Kathy Otto)(Alokesh Gupta)CHRISTIAN VOICE - BC-DX 831 (CVO)Kol Israel - BC-DX 831 (Glenn Hauser-OK-USA, dxld)POLISH RADIO(DEUTSCHE TELEKOM) - BC-DX 831 (DTK T-Systems Juelich, via Bethge wwdxc)PAN AMERICAN B/C(DEUTSCHE TELEKOM) - BC-DX 831 (DTK T-Systems Juelich, via Bethge wwdxc)CVC VOICE AFRICA(DEUTSCHE TELEKOM) - BC-DX 831 (DTK T-Systems Juelich, via Bethge wwdxc)OVERCOMER MINISTRY(DEUTSCHE TELEKOM) - BC-DX 831 (DTK T-Systems Juelich, via Bethge wwdxc)RADIO CAIRO - BC-DX 831KTWR - (Via George Ross) (Alokesh Gupta)ALL India Radio - (Prepared by Jose Jacob, India)FEBA RADIO - (Alokesh Gupta)TRANS WORLD RADIO - Bernhard Schraut)(Alokesh Gupta)VOICE OF RUSSIA - (Krig Krist via the DXLD Yahoo Group.)